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"Allister!" Exclaimed Alfred as he turned to you. His smile slowly faded and silence came over the students. You turned you head to look at the red-headed country with a gulp. Everyone knew that. Allister Kirkland was a delinquent. It was surprising that they still let him come to the camp. You looked around at everyone as they all seemed to give you a look of sympathy.

"Well.. Let's continue." Alfred mumbled before continue to call out the names. You looked back over at Allister. He had a small frown on those thin lips of his and her arms were crossed over his chest. He had an obvious look of uninterest on his face. You didn't actually mind being in a group with him. He was always somewhat kind to you.Besides, you formed a bit of a crush on the fiery Allister.

You decided you were gonna make him like the time he spent you, make him actually well.. Enjoy himself.


"Here you are." Alfred said and handed you a smooth, blue sheet of of paper. He gave you a smile before walking away. You sighed softly before turning and facing the members of your group. But there was one thing wrong.. Where was Allister? Your (e/c) looked around for the male, but he was no where in sight. You turned to the other two members. "Have you seen Allister?" They shook their heads are your question.

You groaned softly as you set out to ind the lost highlander.

You looked almost everywhere. Behind the cabins, up the trees, in the pool, the lake and even peeking in some of the windows to the boys cabin's. You didn't find no sign of him. Just when you were about to give up, you heard a crunch of the leaves behind you. Quickly, you turned around to see Scotland leaning against the wooden wall of the cabin. he had a cigarette in his mouth, the smoke filling the surrounding air.

"Looking for me, hm?" He said in a whisper like tone, but you heard him.

"Yes. Why did you leave the group?" She asked and placed your hand firmly on your hips. He only chuckled at you. "You're not supposed to be smoking here. The rules says no drugs." You added. He gave you a slight role of his eyes.

"Fuck the rules." He said and threw the cigarette to the ground and stomped on it. You watched him in silence for a while, then you cleared your throat and started to speak again, "We have to get back--"

"Why?" He cut you off mid sentence.

"So we won't get in trouble. Oh, but that doesn't matter to you now does it, Allister?" You grunted slightly. He was so stubborn you love it. The Scotsman gave you a smirk.

"The longer you stay here the more in trouble you're gonna get." He aid to you and his smirk on widened. You huffed.

"Tell me, _______, why do you come to the dreadful camp every year? You're a beautiful lassie, you could be at the beach right now with a ton of your friends." He asked you and as he did so, he took a step towards you. You hesitantly took a step back.

"Because I like it." You retorted and folded your arms at his rudeness. He gave out a loud laugh of disbelief.

"This? You like this? Please, girl. I know exactly why you come here every year. To see me, of course." Your cheeks flushed at his comments and your eyes widened. You balled your tiny hands up into a fist before stomping your foot.

"I do not!" You replied with an obvious fake anger.

"Oh please. I know. The way the look at me, how you agree on everything I say, you're always by my side, you always stick up for me even when I'm wrong. Don't lie, you've fallen for me, haven't you?" He said quietly. Your hands slowly loosened. Was it that obvious that you had obtained feelings for him? Or was he just messing around and trying to actually get the truth out of you. You were so busy in your thought, you didn't even noticed that he had moved closer to you, to the point of where post of your chests were touching.

"No need to worry, lassie~ The feelings mutual." He ran his thumb gently across your pink cheeks before leaning down and kissing you soft on the lips. The kiss wasn't intimate, but it showed how he felt for you. Every bit of emotion he had shared for you was in that kiss, and you knew it. Slowly, you leaned up press your lips harder onto his. His hands went from your face, to your shoulders then they ran slowly down your waist, exploring your curves. Soon the rested on your rear and he gave it a squeeze. You gasped and pulled away.

"What's wrong, ____~?You haven't talked." His smirk returned and so did your blush. You opened your mouth to speak, but he placed a finger gently to your lips.

"Yes, yes you're right. The behind the cabin is no place for sex." Your eyes widened and before you could protest, you were sluing over his shoulder.
Yeah.. I dunno what to. Sorry for any spelling mistakes etc.

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I do not own you or Allister, but I do own this story.
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