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November 25, 2012
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"Ludwig!" Alfred exclaimed happily before moving onto the next group. Your muscles relaxed slightly since you found out he was in your group. He wasn't as obnoxious as all the others boys, he was sweet. A smile smile painted on you're glossy lips as you looked over at Ludwig. Of course, he gave you a smile of his own before turning his attention back to Arthur.

'Maybe, these two weeks would be fun after all.' You thought to yourself and relaxed against the seat.


Alfred handed blue sheets of paper to every group with the word schedule written on the top of them. After wishing everyone good luck and to have a great time, he himself retreated to the cafeteria.

You turned to Ludwig who was currently standing awkwardly beside you. It made you giggle quietly to yourself, he was just so cute. Well, he was cute and your current crush. Over the years, you and Ludwig actually became great friend, you two even hung out after summer camp. He was a good friend and hoping to make a good boyfriend as well, but he would never return those feelings, right? You quickly pulled yourself together before speaking, "Archery!" You said cheerfully and showed the German the piece of paper. He laughed as well before taking it from you.

"Seems to be true,_______. Let's go." He handed the sheet back to you and you linked your arm with his. Ludwig blushed gently before giving you a smile and walking towards the east side of the camp. On the way there, you two had small talk. About school mostly, and Ludwig talking about his bothersome brother and his little clique. It made you laugh softly at his irritation with older brother.

"He leaves his dirty underwear on the roof. The roof.How does it even get up there! And of course, me being the brother I am, I go up there and get them. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?" Ludwig ranted making you giggle once more. You patted his shoulder gently, "I know, I know. It'll be okay." You reassured him and gave him a pat on the head. You two were so busy talking, you didn't even notice you were right at the archery grounds.

You removed your arm from his and picked up a blue bow and a quiver of arrows. You looked at the weapons, then back at the target. How exactly are you supposed to shoot this? You looked over at Ludwig, he seemed to be knowing what he was doing. You watched him quietly and repeated the steps he did.

Put the arrow on the bow. Seemed easy enough, so you repeated.

Lock the arrow in place, and draw back. Slowly, you moved back your elbow and looked towards the target.

Release. You let go, sending the arrow flying straight past the target to god knows where. You heard a faint yelp and some cursing in the distance, making you gasp and cover your mouth. Beside you, Ludwig started to laughed and wandered over to your side, "Seems as if you shot Allistor in his ass." He smirked and you turned around to him, your cheeks puffed out angrily.

"Well, oops!"

"Hey, hey now. No need to get offensive, mein frau~" Germany laughed softly once again before picking up your bow and arrow. He placed the bow in your hands and stood behind you, "Here, let me show you~" He whispered in your ear, his fingertip tickling your waist teasingly. Your cheeks turned a bright pink, but you agreed.

"First," Germany said in a soft tone of voice as he put the arrow in your hand. He placed his own large ones over yours and moved your own hand to lock the bow in place. You stayed silent and followed his actions happily, "Then." You moved his hand back, making yours move as well, "Keep your elbow straight, don't slouch it." He whispered into your ear, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. Your breath hitched as he whispered once more, "You must have aim! Look at where you're going to shoot, frau~" He said, his crystal blue eyes looking towards the target and so did your (e/c) ones. "Then, you just let go." And simultaneously, you both released the arrow and it hit the target straight in the middle. You squealed slightly in happiness before turning and hugging the German tightly.

"You need to teach me more often." He said and giggled softly, your hands resting on his shoulders. Ludwig nodded softly and grinned down at you, his hands placing themselves on your waist.

"Maybe I should~ But I think I'll be a bit busy." He said, pulling you a bit closer to him but you hadn't noticed. You rose one of your (h/c) eyebrows.

"Doing what?" You inquired and a small pout came to your lips,

"Well, there's this girl. I've liked--no, I've loved her for the longest time, but I don't she'd notice."

Your heart slowly broke at this, but you kept a strong attitude. He was your friend, so you had to respect his decisions, even if they aren't the ones you wanted, "Oh? W-Who is she?" You asked hesitantly.

"For one, she has the most beautiful(h/c)and big, bright (e/c) eyes. She's my everything, my world. I can't imagine life without her in it. I see a future in her, I see myself." He looked down at you, his hand caressing your cheek gently. A streak or red came to your cheeks and you slowly melted in his touch, "She's.. She's you."

And before you could respond, his lips were on yours. It didn't take long for you to kiss back. You arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. You didn't know exactly what to do with life right now, you were just so..happy. Before the kiss could get anymore intimate, cat calls were heard from behind Ludwig.

"Get 'er, bruder!" Gilbert said and laughed gently along with his two other friends, "Such a lucky, Ludwig. You're lucky she wasn't in my group~ She would've been sore for days by now."

You blushed gently and hid your face in your new German lover's chest. Ludwig frowned softly at them before taking your hand and leading you away from the pest, "S-Sorry about them, mein liebe~" He said to you once you two were at his cabin.

"It's fine, really." You said and gave him a sincere smile, "Now, where were we, hm?" You said before cupping his cheeks and bringing him into another passionate and deep kiss, "I love you, Ludwig~"

"I love you more, ___________~"
I was thinking of making a part 2 of this, eh.

Still doing request! c: Comment/ Favorite <3

I do not own you or Ludwig, but I do own this story.


Germany- You are here!
Prussia- [link]
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XD poor Alistor. Oh well, reader chan makes up for that in his summer camp version if ya know what I mean \(^•^)\
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I acually have terrible aim, so I most likely would've missed him. But still, (I have to do this) FIRE IN THA HOLE!!!
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i wouldn't have hit Allistor in the ass...i would've nailed him in the nuts!!
then i would've turned around to Gilbert and practiced archery on him. his "awesome 5 meters" should make an excellent practice target!!!! *pulls out composite recurve bow like Hun warriors used. notches arrow. runs after Gilbert, laughing maniacally*
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I shot my girlfriend brother in the ass..........Nice but sorry scotland i love you
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Oh well. He was an annoying drunk anyway.

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